“I worked with Gary for many years as he lectured at our CLMA national and regional conferences. I was also editor of our journal and newsletter where we published numerous articles by Gary. Gary's lectures and articles focused on how technology was changing all aspects of communication and information retrieval. He is a highly talented author and lecturer and his expertise in this ever-changing industry is without question. His audiences, both live and virtual, always come away with real-world knowledge easily put into practice.”
Beth Wegerbauer, Director of Publications, CLMA

“I was throughly impressed with the presentation Gary recently presented to a networking group on the latest developments in technology & how we will be working with it. What made the presentation so valuable was to hear it in layman terms. With technolgy playing an even more important role not only in our business lives but personal, Gary connected the dots in an engaging and understandable manner. I would highly recommend Gary to those who seek a clear and concise way to understand how technology is evolving and what is important to know. He makes an otherwise difficult subject matter very fun and engaging!”
Laura Cohen, Business Development, Board of Directors and Chair Development Committee, Minnesota Literacy Council

“Gary Braley is a gifted, passionate communicator who loves technology and clearly articulates his knowledge to others. I've seen Gary speak in front of audiences several times and I've had telephone conversations where he invested his time and talents to share the ever changing technological world in a calm, clear style. I would be happy to hear Gary annually, if not more often, to keep abreast of changes.”
Wendy Blomseth, Business Development Representative, Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

“Gary was guest speaker at "Social Media Boot Camp II" hosted by SCORE, an organization with which I volunteer, and served up thought provoking insight into the likely future of mobile technology including smart phones and tablets. His commentary, on where technology has been and seems to be headed, seemed spot on. He is able to make technology seem warm and friendly, knowable and immensely interesting.”
Randi Luoto, Assistant District Director, MN SCORE; Market Development Director, Minneapolis Chapter, SCORE, Counselors to America's Small Business

“I have had the privilege of knowing Gary for a couple of years now. He has an in-depth knowledge of what is happening in the world of technology and a unique ability to share that knowledge in a way that is understandable by anyone. I have also been present at several of his formal presentations. He tailors each of his presentations to his audience’s needs and desires. This allows those in attendance to get the most out of their time. 
I highly recommend Gary to answer your technology questions.”
Greg McAllister, Licensed Account Manager, Allstate Insurance Company

“For many years Gary was a special guest lecturer in our management series for pathology residents and fellows at the U of Minnesota. He always presented current and practical information about selecting and implementing clinical laboratory information systems and the use of information tools for management and communication. Invariably he presented this information in a very engaging and digestible way and answered questions responsively and clearly. Our students always rated him very highly.I'm glad to see Gary continue to educate us all about advancing and relevant information technologies on his blog.”
Donald Connelly, Professor, University of Minnesota

“Gary presented at the May summit for the American Association of MicroBusinesses on Demystifying the Mobile Internet. He was able to clearly explain to attendees the key points to think about when researching tablets and notebooks plus demonstrated several common applications available. With so much changing daily in the technical world, Gary's information helped me decide which direction to take. He has a nice presentation style.”
Bonnie Stanley, Chair / Treasurer, American Association of Microbusinesses

“It has been a pleasure to get to know Gary. He always has a plethora of information to share about technology and the Internet, and now the cloud. I watched in amazement the first time I saw what an iPad could do, and had a good laugh when he emailed me alien photos he had taken of me at a networking event. Gary is very knowledgeable in his field, is concise and entertaining in his communications, a great speaker and communicator. I highly recommend him as a speaker and consultant for any technology needs you may have.”
Joy Pecchia, Owner, Joy Pecchia International Inc.

“Gary has a passion for technology and is able to translate his in-depth knowledge and insights in a way that makes complex concepts meaningful and interesting. I unreservedly recommend him as a speaker or consultant.”
Kathryn Holmes

“Gary recently spoke to our Rotary Club in St. Louis Park and as always his presentation was fascinating, informative and practical. His up to date knowledge on all things technical is amazing, and can be used by anyone personally or professionally. I appreciate his humor, intellect and ability to make all things technical understandable. Thanks Gary for all you do!”
Darlyne Erickson

“I appreciate a speaker who can inform me, who educates me and introduces me to new and better ideas and concepts. I appreciate a speaker who is knowledgeable regarding the subject matter and displays a mastery of the subject. I appreciate a speaker who demonstrates passion and enthusiasm regarding the subject. I appreciate a speaker who can communicate and explain complex issues in simple terms. Gary Braley is such a speaker. Go and listen to him!”
Wyn Davies, Principal & Financial Coach, C. F. Advisors, LLC

“Gary Braley is an information technology consultant who provided us with a thorough understanding of specific IT concepts. He has a simple, straightforward way of presenting concepts that tend to be a bit perplexing.Both our employees and customers found him to be very well spoken during his presentation.”
Thomas Leach

“I recently attended a business seminar that Gary presented. He is very knowledgeable about the technology industry and has his thumb on the pulse of where technology is heading. I would definitely recommend considering Gary as a guest speaker in any speaking engagements that one would be putting on. I feel that understanding where we are in this day and age of technology is critical to maintaining a growing business in this fast paced world in which we live.”
David Youngs, Loan Consultant, Progressive Lending Solutions